Low Sodium Pantry Staples

Look at this… our first official post! Today I thought I’d share some of our low sodium pantry staples. After Wes’ heart attack we had to give our pantry a face lift. A LOT of our favorites no longer fit into our heart heathy lifestyle. It took a lot of trial and error to find low sodium alternatives, here are some of our favorites…

Garden of Eatin’ No Salt Added Blue Corn Tortilla Chips – to say my husband loves chips and salsa would be an understatement, these have made it possible for him to still enjoy his favorite snack. I joke that we should probably buy stock in this company based solely on how many bags of these chips we have bought. I honestly don’t miss the salt, these have such a great corn flavor.

Morita Chile HT Traders Medium Salsa – can’t have chips without the salsa! This particular flavor has significantly less sodium than other HT Traders salsa varieties. My suggestion is to not rule out a brand based on one product, check different flavors to see if they have less sodium.

Nature’s Own Life Wheat Bread – Bread can be surprisingly high in sodium. I especially like this brand because the serving size is two slices. When choosing a brand be sure to check the serving size, it is often times only one slice, so a sandwich would be double the sodium.

Bone Suckin’ Sauce HOT – BBQ sauce was another hard find, our usual favorites weren’t so heart healthy. Bone Suckin’ is not only delicious but lower in sodium than most, the HOT version is even lower than the original flavor… and it’s not too hot. It has some heat but it’s not going to send you into flames!

Look out for another new post next week 🙂

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